Tuesday, December 28, 2004

records that didn't suck in the 0-4

i was thinking about a trendy end-of-the-year, top-ten list...but then i wasn't sure if i could get ten...or what if, like, i had more than ten, and i had to cut shit off. that would suck...cuttin' shit, i mean. like, what do you even use? to cut shit, i mean...

best of 2004

7. g love, donavon frankenreiter, jack johnson - live at the barbeque

forget it homeboys and girls...you ain't findin' this at your record store. recorded at an early morning [relatively speaking] show and brought to the public courtesy of the archive.org, this is proof positive why these three should cut a record together. the sum is more than its parts, and the parts ain't too shabby either. all three share the stage at various times during the performance...something they no doubt had plenty of practice doing during their summer tour. plus it's got the charm of a work in progress, fuck-ups, start-stops, and donavon's laugh. wow...that dude is such a stoner.

6. wilco - a ghost is born

well, they did it. or they are trying. or who am i to fucking say what they are doing, because it's obvious that these guys are like, smart or something. what i got out of it was some sort of weird bridge between rock [and by rock, i mean the replacements] and jam bands and something weird and amazing and electronic, like radiohead...only american. the ten minutes of white noise on "less than you think" is said to mirror tweedy's migraines and addiction to painkillers. whatever...it gave me a migraine even though i ate a handful of painkillers. but the rest is like the sound of a thousand angels. it sounds completely unlike and exactly the same as their other records...like the band never changed and is completely different all at the same time. oh yeah, baby, they're out there...

5. g love - the hustle

sometimes bands begin to become influenced by what they create. take exodus for example. "bonded by blood" was an excellent record, but then the one that came out after that...i don't even remember what it was called...was a total testament record. and you know what an undeniable influence exodus had on early testament. yeah...anyway...g love has been hanging out with jack johnson and that whole crowd, and some of that vibe is showing up in his songs. some of that same vibe that he helped create to begin with. but it just broadens his style, it doesn't consume it. his shit keeps getting better a dozen years down the line...from zeppelin to bob marley and back with a guitar and a harmonica. who knew?

4. ra - the rugged man - die, rugged man, die!

the original angry rapper...collabos with biggie when he was still alive...on each soundbombing record...rumored to have taken a shit on some a&r man's desk at some bigtime record company...drops lyrics like "american / lowlife / dirtbag / my team / i'm the ugliest ma-fucka you ever seen" on a record with skits that have him askin' a chick to take chunks out of his neck with a knife cuz it turns him on, and i'm pretty sure he means it. need i go on? clever lyrics [much better than what i quoted, fer sure homes], beats, and humor. much of it sick and twisted. will this hold up ten years down the line? sure it will...it's taken him ten years to get a record out and everybody and your mom has been waiting for this. it was worth it...and if you want more, and you know you do - you horny bitch, pick up "the american lowlife" bootleg.

3. nirvana - with the lights out

you smell that? that's patchouli...fuckin' witcha...FUCK PATCHOULI! let's get right to the nut of it all: the dvd in this box set opens with some home-video shit of nirvana from 1988, i think...the band is playing in someone's living room...cobain is singing to a plywood wall...and they rip into "school." fuck yeah...if you were there with me, i woulda put your fuckin' head right through the wall. the other discs focus on each of the studio albums...the bleach era, nevermind, in utero...and they hold up in their own right...that is, if you like music that doesn't suck. despite what the pistols and the clash said about the ramones, nirvana was when america got its punk rock. come smash your head on it.

2. the drive-by truckers - the dirty south

see the extended review elsewhere on this site...if you dare! yes, since i've discovered them, i have grown my hair out. i'm going for the midwestern metal, maybe the scorpion...haven't decided yet. what i am pretty sure of is that hood, cooley, and isbell just may be the three finest songwriters in rock, southern or otherwise. this band owes just as much to the replacements as they do to skynard, despite what you may have heard. they draw you in to that "southern thing," and it's all killer, no filler. stop sitting there and doing things like read or "work." go get this record already and drink alot before and after and when you are driving to buy it. i bet that seems southern to ya, don't it, you racist piece of shit.

1. citizen cope - the clarence greenwood recordings

fuck you...i saw the dude three times this year and he was golden each time in different ways. great voice, acoustic guitar, semi-literate lyrics, and the groove...goddamm...the beat is like flav's clock, homeboy...it's always on time! he's got more soul in his middle finger than you have in your whole white and talentless body, you lazy piece of crap! now get back to work...this is the record that i have spun consistently since it was leaked in the springtime and have continued to play after i bought it. i think you know what i'm saying. stripped down and more fleshed out [if that makes any sense] than his last record and so good it gets ya lookin' forward to the third. catch him now so all your friends can be like, damm...that citizen cope sucks...why did [your name here] ever like them?...after cope's next record blows up and he does a remix with beyonce.

so that's it, i guess...we'll keep it at 7. it's a lucky number, right? ask roethlisberger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There should have been eight mother fucker!


2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'll put up #8 if you can pronounce your last name motherfucker

~ professor johnny clinton

6:13 PM  
Blogger Scooter said...

I agree with most of these. The best part of the Nirvana DVD is the guy sitting n the floor with a beer while the band rages around him. Did he have any idea he was watching the greatest band of all time play around him?

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, listen, I know you are not hearing me very well, but .................................................There should have been eight muthafucka.!!!!

~mmmmmMR. T.

2:26 AM  

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